[Marxism] Serbophobia, inc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 12 17:34:33 MST 2007

Nick Fredman wrote:
> I admit not having followed the Balkans closely but at last I get it. The
> invasion of Croatia was justified because some members of the government had
> chauvinist views. It's "appalling" to call for multiculturalism and human
> rights and reject Croatian chauvinism and fascism, as this talk fiendishly
> pretends to, unless Croatian opponents of the war also pass Louis' litmas
> tests of clear opposition to their government in every speech.

Well, since she said that there was no Ustasha revival, there was no 
need for her to reject a fascism that did not exist. Right? Of course, 
the Western press with its hatred for Milosevic second only to your own 
had no problem spotting the revival of Croatian fascism. Here's another 
item that somehow didn't get picked up by the Greenleft radar, from the 
June 11, 1995 Boston Globe:

One Sunday on a stroll through Zagreb's Old City with a Croatian 
intellectual, the conversation wandered effortlessly and elegantly from 
Roman settlement patterns along the Sava river to 19th-century native art...

Croatian flags hung from the buildings throughout the old city in 
celebration of independence. But on one street, almost half of the flags 
were not, on second glance, the modern national Croatian flag. They were 
the version favored by the Ustasha, Croatia's home-grown fascist 
movement which, between 1941 and 1945 massacred Serbs, Jews and Gypsies 
with a ferocity that at times shocked even the SS.

Officially the flags are illegal, but no one cares, the intellectual 
said. The government rejects any suggestion that it is pro-Ustasha, 
though Tudjman, a historian by training, minimizes the number of Serbs 
and Jews slaughtered during World War II.

And government officials seem to be "increasingly understanding of the 
difficult circumstances in which the Ustasha operated," he said with 
heavy irony.

> I'm convinced. This fake "feminist" and "leftist" is clearly a fascist
> Ustashe pretending to be concerned about the glorious Yugoslav Red Army of
> Workers and Peasants allegedly driving tanks over her alleged home. If there
> were a few tanks and few kids fell under them accidently, well that's what
> it takes to defend the socialist fatherland. And if the workers at home are
> too dumb to work out Privatisation Equals Socialism as well as War Equals
> Peace the people's army and police might need to dish out some education for
> them too. And while we're at it well we'd better bomb Iraq and nuke Iran in
> the name of feminism, democracy and human rights, and denounce all anti-war
> activists as the crypto Saddammists and Jihadis they clearly are.

Judging from this crude rant, I certainly can't imagine that you have 
ever read a book on Yugoslavia.

> I don't know why I didn't get it before, I do remember reading brilliant
> insights about the "Serbophobia" of the fake petty bourgeois wimpy liberal
> left in the early 90s from the clear-sighted and humble geniuses of Living
> Marxism. I'm so proud now to be in a united front with them now.

The articles they wrote on Yugoslavia was the best thing they ever did. 
It is too bad they lost their way.

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