[Marxism] Serbophobia, inc.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 12 19:10:48 MST 2007

Ambrose Andrews wrote:
> You might have to make do with Larry Seigle's speech in the US SWP's
> Education For Socialists bulletin 'Split of the Australian Socialist
> Workers Party National Committee from the Forth International'.  Many
> deviations of the DSP are outlined in that (as part of the
> 'International Percy-Camejo current').
> But I forget, you have no interest in discussing it.

Larry Seigle was a fucking idiot. I doubt, however, that he was making a 
big deal about any "deviations" on Yugoslavia since the American SWP has 
exactly the same position that you do.


`We'll Give Up Our Lives, But We Won't Give Up Kosov' -- More than 
100,000 march in Pristina

"We just came back from the demonstration. It was one of the largest in 
Pristina. Some people said it was up to 200,000. We marched at the 
center of the city. We demonstrated against the terror by the Serbian 
regime, for peace, and for independence of Kosovo." That's how Miljat 
Cakaj, a member of the Independent Students Union (UPS) at the 
University of Pristina, described the April 9 mass mobilization in 
Pristina, Kosovo's capital, in a telephone interview from that city the 
same day.

"We'll give up our lives, but we won't give up Kosovo," was among the 
main slogans, as in previous marches.

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