[Marxism] More appalling Ustashe-Tudjman lovin' from Green Left (was Re: Serbophobia, inc., )

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 13 08:20:57 MST 2007

> Louis Proyect wrote:
>>...Tudjman was a secessionist. He wanted to break away from 
>>Yugoslavia in the same way that Robert E. Lee wanted  to break away 
>>from the United States....
> Before lecturing readers about Balkan history one really ought to be
> able to remember well known facts about the history of one's own country.
> Robert E. Lee was against secession--so much so that Lincoln offered
> him command of the Union armies.  Once secession became an accomplished
> fact Lee, for better or worse, instead chose loyalty to his native 
> land, Virginia.
> Shane Mage

Oxford English Dictionary


1. The character, habit of mind, or practice of a pedant.

a. Mere academic learning, without judgement or discrimination; 
excessive reverence for or display of learning or technical knowledge; 
intellectual conceit.

[1585 A. MUNDAY tr. L. Pasqualigo Fedele & Fortunio II. v. sig. Div, I 
would I could meete with master Pedayntrye, To knowe what his maister 
saith to the chauntrye. 1612 J. DONNE Progresse of Soule ii. 291 When 
wilt thou shake off this pedantery Of being taught by sense and 
fantasie? 1646 SIR T. BROWNE Pseudodoxia Epidemica I. vi. 24 A practise 
that savours much of Pedantery. 1710 R. STEELE Tatler No. 224 {page}7 
Pedantry proceeds from much Reading and little Understanding. 1766 J. 
FORDYCE Serm. Young Women (1767) I. vii. 298 That men are frighted at 
Female pedantry is very certain. 1841 I. D'ISRAELI Amenities Lit. (1867) 
100 The pedantry of mixing Greek and Latin terms in the vernacular 
language is ridiculed by Rabelais. 1878 H. JAMES Watch & Ward v. 88 He 
was gentle without timidity, frank without arrogance, clever without 
pedantry. 1979 D. THOMAS Swinburne x. 219 He was the..faded little poet, 
with an enthusiasm for books & pedantry which was..reminiscent of an 
eccentric don. 2003 Jrnl. News (Westchester County, N.Y.) (Nexis) 23 
Nov. 4E, There's no showiness in his erudition, no pedantry in his 
wisdom, no ingratiation in his wit.

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