[Marxism] Is the Anti-War movement in decline

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Tue Nov 13 21:03:43 MST 2007

Here in Vermont, which has a long tradition of anti-war and other 
progressive activism out of proportion to the small size of its population 
(c. 600,000), there is a lot of palpable frustration and mounting anger. 
One way this has come out recently is the public meeting and "accountability 
session" that I helped to organize with our lone U.S. Congressman, Peter 
Welch, a Pelosi-type Democrats.  We only had a day or two to publicize and 
were hoping for maybe a turn-out of 40 or 50 of the "usual suspects".  Lo 
and behold, the thing really caught fire and more than 100 people, most of 
whom I had never laid eyes on before, turned out and gave the poor 
Congressman a well-deserved verbal roasting for not doing more to end the 
war -- he claims to be anti-war -- and for not supporting impeachment (which 
a recent TV-news poll showed that 2/3rds of Vermonters would support). 
Other people here who are tired of going to Washington for the big marches 
or of peace vigiling in front of the local federal buildings (which has been 
going on in several cities for more than four years now) are getting ready 
to launch more militant direct actions against the war and local exemplary 
targets.  I see that there have been repeated direct actions in Olympia, 
Washington against the loading of Strykers and other military supplies for 
Iraq.  I wonder if other things are happening or in the planning process 
around the country.  I suspect that we may be in a transitional time and we 
may see soon a new level of struggle, sort of like the transition during the 
Sixties from protest to resistance -- which at that time culimated in the 
spring of 1971 with a major march on Washington but also direct actions with 
Vets throwing back their medals and 11,000 arrested trying to shut down the 


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