[Marxism] Is the Anti-War movement in decline

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Wed Nov 14 02:14:41 MST 2007

Lenin's Tomb:
As it happens, I agree to some extent, but I raise them only to the  extent
that they are significant and are co-produced by the antiwar  movement.  I
still think you wouldn't see half as much of this  opposition if the movement
was really dead, nothing happening on the ground,  demos being terribly small

This is nonsense. The movement is really dead. The last national demo in  
London attracted 5,000, probably less. How could this be described as anything  
less than a really small demo.
This kind of delusion really does speak to the woeful lack of leadership  and 
organisation that exists within the antiwar movement. What is required is an  
honest appraisal of the current period, not these repeated attempts to  
extrapolate reasons to be cheerful.
The majority of mainstream public opinion is against the war not because of  
anything the antiwar movement has achieved, but because they knew it was based 
 on a lie to begin with and also the heroic resistance that is taking place 
in  both Iraq and Afghanistan, which have rendered the establishment's claims 
about  being welcomed with open arms, etc., as utterly false. 
Objectively, as I said, there are factors that have made the work of the  
antiwar movement difficult in comparison to the movement during the Vietnam War.  
The ruling class have learned the lessons well from that experience and have  
gone out of their way to control media coverage and to minimise casualties on 
 their own side.
Simply put, not enough troops are being killed to precipitate a crisis at  
home, the war has failed to impact materially at home. This is why it is vital  
that the movement connects imperialism with attacks on the working class. It  
hasn't been done. Instead, the focus has been on attacking Bush in the US and  
Blair (now Brown) in the UK. No attempt at education has been made, at least 
no  meaningful attempt, which has left a movement powered solely by moral 
outrage  rather than by material necessity.
Again, the fault lies with the orientation of the SWP leadership. They have  
substituted the radical intelligentsia and students for the working class.


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