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Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Wed Nov 14 09:39:43 MST 2007


"It is also important to understand Franco's regime clearly. It was not
_exactly_ nor _simply_ a Fascist regime save for its forms. As Pierre
Vilar has insightfully noted, at its core it had more to do with the
traditional Conservative-authoritarian regimes of Spain of the 19th
and early 20th Century than with Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's
Germany (please note that neither could bring Spain fully to war
against the Soviet Union and the "democratic" Western Bloc, in spite
of having been most essential for Franco's victory in the Civil War)."

...and therefore the presence of the Bourbon King in the Ibero-American 
conference is a tell-tale sign of the fact that so far Spanish History has 
been for two hundred years refused (by the Spanish bourgeoisie) to "turn 
around" in order to end a cycle of authoritarian modernization begun by the 
same Bourbons after the War of Spanish Sucession and to achieve the 
bourgeois revolution initiated by the Cortes of Cadiz in 1810 - therefore 
the fact that this turning around, when it comes, will be so late that it 
will probably not be achieved save through socialism...


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