[Marxism] Explosion of billionaires in China

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Wed Nov 14 11:33:36 MST 2007

I think Walter is extremely blind, actually he's wishful thinking, 
that the Cuban's are not "…sweating over how many billionaires there 
are in China today". Of course they are. Because, unlike Walter, Cubans 
do think in class terms. While developing trade relations with the Chinese 
are all well and good for the Cuban economy, the Cubans are not naïve 
enough to think that the growth of an *enemy class* in China , a class 
that is as much an enemy as any capitalist class, is unimportant; that 
at some point, these same millionaires will cozy on up to international 
financial institutions and feel *more* comfortable with a free-market… 
just like theirs … in Cuba so as to make Cuba more amenable to *profit*.
Walter's "socialism-in-one-country" view of Cuba is rather pathetic as 
Cuba can NEVER get out from suffering economically as long as capitalism 
exists, especially in big states like China. So long as Cuban "socialism" 
can exist isolated in a world of capitalism, with this as a limited 
perspective, then "trade deals" is all Walter will ever be concerned about. 
Cubans may not be in a position politicaly to do something about this or comment
on it, which is their choice. What is not their choice is that capitalism
is not a friend of Cuba.
I look forward to the day the Chinese working class and peasantry gets 
organized and puts these parasites against the wall. The day this arrives 
will be a huge boost to the Cuban Revolution.

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