[Marxism] Chavez versus Aznar

Isaac Curtis Isaac_Curtis at umit.maine.edu
Wed Nov 14 15:50:47 MST 2007

Lüko Willms <lueko.willms at t-online.de> writes:

>Chávez to reply directly, which appeared as a heckling of Zapateros 
>speech. That is when Mr. King, don Juan Carlos intervened with his "why 
>don't you shut up!" ("¿Por qué no te callas?"). 
>  My source: "El País" de Madrid: 
>  The next day, shortly before he left home, Chávez had a short meeting 
>with Chilean journalists, where he commented on the confrontation of the 
>day before. I try to translate from the Spanish of another article in El 
>  "Why don't you shut up, King?" ("¿Por qué no te callas tú, rey?") was 
>his reply to the words of king Juan Carlos. The venozuelan president 
>stressed "the kind may be the king, but he can't call me to shut up" 
>("el Rey será el Rey poro no me puede hacer callar"). In his view he had 
>not committed any error in his conduct, and that the Spanish delegation 
>had made "various errors". In his opinion, "these old bad monarchist 
>habits have to end" and "They have to respect us, they should not think 
>that they are superior of us. We are not the subject of any crown." (hay 
>que acabar con los viejos resabios 'monarquistas". "Que nos respeten, 
>que no se crean superiores a nosotros. No somos subalternos de ninguna 
>Comradely greetings, 
>Lüko Willms
>Frankfurt, Germany


I just want to thank Lüko very much, firstly for quoting the original language in
addition to the translation, and twice over for citing the source. I follow most
but not all discussions here, so maybe most people do this, but it's a habit
very few people follow in general in any forum (online message boards,
academic journals, email lists, anywhere). It's so helpful and saves the reader
a lot of time.


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