[Marxism] Holocaust deniers hailed in pages of Greenleft Weekly

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Nov 14 20:52:59 MST 2007

LP quoting someone:

>members of the chattering classes, unbelievably, have
> hailed this poison as "outstanding work", in a letter signed by, among

Your point is quite unclear. One, because despite Mike Karadjis' occasional
choice of metaphor ('Irvingesque') the DSP has no policy of calling anyone
on the left holocaust deniers or placing anyone outside the left just
because if a wrong position on Srebinicia or ex-Yugoslavia. Two, because
those mentioned were united in a quite correct opposition to a particular
instance of censorship of Johnstone, and not at all in a desire to minimise
the responsibility of the Serbian ruling class for war and chauvinism in the

Less then a week after this letter was mentioned in Vulliamy's
article for IWPR, [Tariq] Ali sent a message to Slobodna Bosna insisting
instead that the letter was a simple denunciation of censorship,
not an endorsement of Johnstone's views.

In spite of his part in the blood-Ietting of Bosnia, Milosevic, the
'reformer', became a favourite among senior figures in the US State
Department. And in return for his co-operation in the American partition of
Bosnia at Dayton in 1995, he was assured that the troublesome province of
Kosovo was his to keep. 'President Milosevic,' said Richard Holbrooke, the
US envoy, 'is a man we can do business with, a man who recognises the
realities of life in former Yugoslavia.' The Kosovo Liberation Army was
dismissed by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as 'no more than
terrorists'. Last October, the Americans drafted a 'peace plan' for Kosovo
that that was pro-Serbia, giving the Kosovans far less autonomy and freedom
than they had under the old Yugoslav federation.

The removal of the brutal and corrupt regimes of Serbia and Croatia
(Milosevic and Tudjman were partners in crime throughout) is an important
step forward for the region, and the mass movements in Serbia -- miners,
students, innumerable others -- merit great admiration, and provide an
inspiring example of what united and dedicated people can achieve.

Anyway, enough of hysterical name calling. Mike saying "nah" is not an
excuse for you to say "nah nah". Especially when it is very easy to
demonstrate, contrary to your claims, we *have* charted and denounced
Croation chauvinism and atrocities, and *have not* analysed Serbian
chauvinism and atrocities in terms of crude cultural-national stereotypes,
which is what Serbophobia means if it means anything, but have analysed
chauvinism and atrocities, and struggles for democratic rights,
self-determination and social justice, in class and political terms across
the board.

Maybe I should send you some of the chamomile tincture my partner presses to
help you have a good lie down. Maybe Mike too.

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