[Marxism] Pakistani Marxist MNA Manzoor Ahmed arrested

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Fri Nov 16 06:29:11 MST 2007

 Manzoor Ahmed's message from a police cell - To the workers of the world
By Manzoor Ahmed
Friday, 16 November 2007


I am speaking to you from a police cell in Gujarat, the fifth largest city
in Pakistan, where I was arrested this morning, together with 150 of my
comrades, for the crime of protesting against the dictatorship of Pervez
Musharraf. We were leading a mass demonstration of thousands of ordinary
people, poor people who support the PPP and oppose the dictatorship.

Yesterday our parliament (the National Assembly) was dissolved after five
years. For this period I have fought as a member of parliament for the
rights of working people. I have fought in parliament, in the factories, in
the streets and in the villages. I have fought against reactionary labour
laws, against unemployment, against poverty and injustice.

We have had important victories. We defeated the attempt to privatise
Pakistan Steel. But the real struggle begins now: my struggle together with
the masses to end this injustice. We know that our struggle is supported by
our friends and comrades in other countries and this gives us strength to
continue despite all obstacles.

Comrades, those who doubted our perspectives for the rebirth of the People's
Party have been proved wrong. The sectarian parties and groups have been
liquidated overnight, wiped out by the movement of the masses. Now nobody
can doubt that the whole movement will proceed through the PPP. These
arrests will not deter us. The struggle will go on. We will continue to
fight for the revolution, for socialism.

To the working people of all countries who are supporting us I have only
this message. We are fighting against dictatorship and martial law, for
democratic rights. But my struggle is not only against dictatorship. It is
also against the system that spawns dictatorship: capitalism and feudalism.
And my struggle will not end until this unjust and oppressive system is
finally overthrown.

As long as there is still hunger, unemployment and homelessness our struggle
cannot end. It will never end until there is socialism in Pakistan and all
over the world.

Please send my greetings to all the comrades of the International. Send my
greetings to all my friends and comrades and to all the workers of the

Victory to the masses!

Victory to the working class!

Together we can win!


Manzoor Ahmed,

In Model Town Police Station in Gujranwala, Pakistan

November 16, 2007

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