[Marxism] Mike Gonzalez On Hugo Chavez

Jscotlive at aol.com Jscotlive at aol.com
Sun Nov 18 13:30:45 MST 2007

For the latest thinking in the IST, it is worth watching a talk by Mike  
Gonzalez that can be seen on Lenin’s Tomb. It is an extraordinary  
exercise in tightrope walking. While Gonzalez takes great care not to  
use Morenoite formulations, one cannot help but conclude from his  
remarks that Hugo Chávez represents a kind of plaque in the arteries of  
the revolutionary process.

I've heard Mike Gonzalez speak a few times. I organised a public screening  
of The Revolution Will Be Televised a couple of years ago in Edinburgh and was  
persuaded by an SWP comrade to have him come through and do an introduction. 
His  analysis of Cuba and Latin America in general I found awful. He wrote a 
book on  Che Guevera that was equally bad, more or less a hatchet job on Che, 
accusing  him of being nothing more than a petit bourgeois adventurist. Again, 
this is  down to the SWP's nonsensical and revisionist theory of State 
Capitalism, which  reduces socialist revolution to determinism and Utopianism. 


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