[Marxism] Mike Gonzalez On Hugo Chavez

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 19:02:22 MST 2007

It's a good thing that these prominent people come and speak at ISO
events. There's nothing to criticize them for, since they also go a
lot of good mass movement work, they organized George Galloway's US
tour, and they have people like Dave Zirin the sports writing among
their ranks. This is all good and, of course, no one found any kind
of fault with them for doing all of those good things.

Alas, Cuba is ALSO a good thing, and yet they only permit Cuba to be
TRASHED from their platform. They don't debate Cuba at all, though
they did once bash Gloria LaRiva's Party of Socialism and Liberation.
That, however, is not a debate, and I doubt that they would be brave
enough to have a political debate about Cuba, though Cuba is not the
irrelevant issue which some people try to act as if it was. 

The ISO's contribution to the understanding of the Cuban Revolution
is thoroughly dreadful. Even Louis Proyect faults them for that:

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba

The real point is that they are important enough on the left to attract 
people like Camejo, Amy Goodman, Jeff St. Clair to come and speak. Using 
Cuba as a litmus test, put these two gatherings side by side and it is 
not too difficult to figure out who is making a contribution to 
confronting American capitalism--which is ultimately the best way to 
defend the Cuban revolution.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
"Un paraíso bajo el bloqueo"

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