[Marxism] Construction workers strike in Dubai

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 05:07:58 MST 2007

> The immigrant workforce, the
> majority from India and other South Asian countries, are employed by
> Arabtec, Dubai's largest construction company. Strikers have stood up to
> government threats to deport them. Strikes are illegal in the UAE, which
> relies on immigrants for most industrial and service jobs.
> ----------- off ---------
>  which reminds me of the information that about two thirds of all
> workers in Saudi Arabia are immigrants.
>  Then think about all the "business" advertisement about building the
> largest financial center in Dubai etc. And the social base for the
> Al-Quaida-type "anti-imperialism", which is completely alien to the
> actual working people in the Arab peninsula.

The above is probably the most serious Marxist take on the issue I
have read for long years. When Gästarbeiters are two thirds of the
workforce, the first struggle is the struggle for their full
integration into the receiving formation. Migrants use to be the
boldest, though also the most individualistic, members of the
societies that "send them away". This boldness can become either a
strong conservative force or a strong revolutionary force. It depends
on particular conditions. But in Argentina, at least, Peronism would
have never come to life the way it did (at most, it would have been a
shortlived and failed military nationalist coup) had it not been for
Arg labour, which took up the European traditions of unionism and was
infused new strength by migrants and their offspring.

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