[Marxism] Socialist Worker´s ¨Where We Stand¨on Cuba

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 21:13:11 MST 2007

Walter writes: "The ISO doesn't have criticisms. They want to overthrow the
Cuban government.... their POLICY is to overthrow the Cuban government."

Not exactly. They don't have the slightest intention of overthrowing the
Cuban government, I'm sure the thought hasn't even crossed their minds to
VISIT Cuba, nevermind go there to overthrow the Cuban government. It's
bullshit, "blah blah blah," programmatic masturbation to fantasies about
socialism from below.

So they publish stupid, uninformed articles in Socialist Worker and their
ISR ... big effing deal. Cuba's survived supposedly pulverizing polemics
from much more powerful publishers.

The ISO has a stupid analysis of Cuba, that's what it all comes down to, for
their "line" on Cuba is completely devoid of any actual content, any
connection with reality, any real attempt to apply it, to put it to the test
of practice. And if tomorrow their top leaders had a "Paul on the Road to
Damascus" revelation and change of heart about Cuba, I bet you within a week
they'd have no trouble carrying a vote on the new "line," and probably by a
ten to one majority in the organization, because no one in the ISO knows the
first thing about Cuba and frankly, they could care less.

The political role of their line on Cuba is strictly internal to the
organization. It is to them proof positive that they are the one-and-only
Truly Revolutionary Party (tm). Like all the comrades from all the other
one-and-only TRP's, they are idealists. The most respected and experienced
member of their leadership explained to me their thinking on this a few
years ago over a couple of drinks, that they view their task and preserving
and developing the ideological tradition and current of socialism from

Sure, if they carry another stupid article go ahead and skewer them for it,
but it is their actual engagement in the struggles in the United States that
REALLY counts if you want to do any reasonable evaluation of them.


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