[Marxism] A worthless piece of paper

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 20 11:15:30 MST 2007

Greg McDonald writes:

> During an appearance on one of the sunday morning, US TV talk shows,
> I think it was "face the nation", Obama brought up the old saw about
> the burden of social security and the impending fiscal crisis related
> to the retirement of the baby boomer generation.  Maybe you're right.
> The fact that Obama could ritually genuflect to the DC crowd, and
> show his serious intent to "take a tough line" on the issue, means at
> the very least that dumping the SSA is emerging as a campaign issue
> for both republicans and democrats. I don't know Hillary's position,
> but I imagine Edwards and Kucinich are probably both for keeping the
> SSA going.
Paul Krugman did a pretty good number on Obama's pandering and the phony 
nature of this issue in last Sunday's NYT:


Clinton characteristically plays her cards closer the the vest, but she 
would also move against the program. All the Democrats would, and they would 
carry their base by saying the more modest changes they propose would 
preempt more savage cuts by the Republicans, and that the savings would be 
directed to other areas of public spending rather than to tax cuts for the 
rich. As a minimum, they would likely raise the retirement age.

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