[Marxism] : xxxx re ISO, SWP, and Cuba (a ketter to xxx)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 20 16:14:47 MST 2007

Eli Stephens wrote:
> I think what Joaquin misses, however, is that this FLOWS OUT OF their stance 
> towards the Cuban leadership, whose overthrow they call for. After all, you can 
> hardly celebrate Cuban doctors in Pakistan, just to pick one seemingly innocuous 
> example, when those doctors were sent there not because of some mass movement of 
> the Cuban people, but because of the initiative of the Cuban leadership. And if 
> you don't accept that that leadership actually represents the Cuban people, then 
> you can hardly celebrate such an action. If you DID celebrate the action, you 
> might be committing the "sin" of building support not just for the Cuban people, 
> but for the Cuban REVOLUTION, and the Cuban revolution's LEADERSHIP. And you're 
> hardly going to do that when you're writing such things as, "It’s up to Cuban 
> workers to wrestle power away from the Castro clique."

I think this point is well taken. It is really quite shameful that both 
the ISO and the British SWP cherry-pick their articles to make sure that 
not a single reference is made to ecologically sustainable farming, 
strides against homophobia, recognition of social well-being of the kind 
made by World Bank President James Wolfensohn, etc. Ironically, they 
have found all sorts of ways to find good things to say about Islamic 
radicals like Hizbollah who don't begin to measure up to Cuban 
socialism. I think we are dealing with an element of phobia, just as is 
the case with the DSP and the Serbs.

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