[Marxism] France Riddled with Strikes

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 20 17:38:49 MST 2007

France Riddled with Strikes

Paris, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) One of every two primary and secondary
French schools will close on Tuesday because of a strike called by
public professors, heating up the environment already caused by the
interruption of transportation.

Gerard Aschieri, Secretary General of the United Union Federation
(UUF) informed that all professorial groups would heed the call.

The strike was called by eight worker's organizations that group 5.2
million public officials, coming out in defense of purchasing power
and against the elimination of jobs (22,900 posts) and announced

Teachers, for their part, added their rejection over a loss of 11,000
posts in National Education, announced by the Government for the next
school year.

The strike will spread to hospital and mail workers as well as
workers of the telecommunications company, France Telecom.

Also there will be interruptions at the airports as a result of a
strike of airport controllers due to the recent proposals of Air

University students who have been protesting for 15 days in rejection
of the Pecresse Law considering it a means to privatize the
educational system, will join the call of the officials.

In the meantime, the transportation workers strike that has paralyzed
France for six days because of reforms announced of special
retirement regimes may be extended due to the lack of agreement
between unions, companies and government.


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