[Marxism] Socialist Worker's "Where We Stand" on Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 21 08:25:48 MST 2007

When it comes to Cuba, the position of the SWP-UK and the ISO
is simply, clearly, unmistakabley and obviously anti-Communist.
That is why they cannot see ANYTHING positive in anything which
is done by the leadership of the Cuban Revolution.

Walter Lippmann
I am not sure why the ISO'ers subbed to Marxmail have not responded to 
this garbage, but I must step in in their absence. To describe them as 
"fanatical anti-Communists" is an unadulterated slander. Anti-Communism 
means one and only one thing in the common parlance of the left. It is 
the politics of a Todd Gitlin or a Paul Berman. State capitalism or the 
theory of bureaucratic collectivism associated with Max Shachtman is 
*not* anti-Communism. They believed that communism was necessary in the 
so-called communist world, but one "from below". True anti-Communists 
believed that the entire revolutionary project conceived by Karl Marx 
led to disaster.

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