[Marxism] About Chui Choy and Sío, the SWP, Babylon 5, the antiwar movement, and some other stuff

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 08:46:48 MST 2007

Responding to my post, Luko says "That at least puts the question of
political power in the center.
What I dislike is your phrasing of it which makes taking political power an
alternative to mass demonstrations, in the same way as the founding fathers
of the Green Party in Germany conceived their party building effort: as just
as a different arena, besides stageing a sit-in in a congressman's office,
and having a street protest ("oh, these are so dull"), we just also wage our
campaign in parliament."

It was not my intention, not is it what I think, that electoral and
parliamentary activity should REPLACE mass mobilizations and other protests.
But there is a natural evolution in the development of a social or protest
movement, and most of all around and issue or problem as central to the
political life of the country as the Vietnam War was in those years. At a
certain point attention turns from pressuring, cajoling and so on those that
are in office to the issue of who is in office. 

And while it may be seen as "diverting energy away" from building a mass
movement of public protests, I think now that developing and building
something like the Green party (USA) today or the Peace and Freedom party of
1968 would have been an investment in maintaining the political independence
of the movement and that of many thousands of activists.

That the politics of such a party, if it succeeds in developing a mass base,
would tend to degenerate and become bourgeois imperialist should the
radicalization and independent mass movements subside is only one
possibility. The others are that the party will wither away, or be
maintained but just as a much reduced core group that is just a shadow of
what it was. I don't see any way to avoid some sort of negative evolution if
the overall political developments that were the source of the party's
strength begin to fade. But one hopes the party that's been developed itself
will prove to be a factor in reducing the damage done by the downturn in
mass struggle. 


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