[Marxism] China Vows to Pursue Three Gorges Fixes (WSJ)

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Wed Nov 21 08:52:10 MST 2007

My view on this is that the gov't, typical of totalitarian regimes, ignored and in fact suppressed all those who spoke against or questioned the project. On the other hand, they appear to be listening now after the obvious "I told you so" pie thrown in their faces for all to see.

IMO, they have no choice but to rectify the problems. The reason they have no choice is that the dam will provide 23 gigawatts of carbon-free power. Its simply too much to ignore...so they have to make it right. This means that shoring up and rebuilding parts of the boundry of the large dam-created lake has to be done to get the full potential out of the dam. It will mean periodic opening of spill ways to allow for 'natural flooding' of the down stream areas to wash out accumulated pollution down stream and up stream.

I believe the Chinese gov't will have to get it right or, as Walter implies, the political consequences will snap the gov't like a twig.


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