[Marxism] Cuba Tells Ottawa It Can Help In Americas

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:43:25 MST 2007

"Canada has compiled its own list of alleged "terrorist" organizations
(it includes Hamas, the elected governing party in the Palestine
territories), but that list does not include any of the anti-Cuba groups in
the U.S. that openly boast of their terrorist activities in and against

Precisely a point that was made by Livio Di Celmo, brother of the murdered Fabio 
Di Celmo (murdered in a Havana hotel bombing organized by Posada), and something 
he is intent on agitating about (you can listen to him make this point in two 
different talks here: 
http://www.freethefive.org/updates/Solidarity/SLBreakingSilence110907.htm )

Also of relevance to a discussion of Canada's foreign policy is the case of 
antiwar and Cuban Five activist Alison Bodine, summarized here 
(http://www.freethefive.org/updates/Solidarity/SLAlison111307.htm), who has 
recently (read latest update here http://alisonbodine.blogspot.com/ ) been 
banned from Canada for two years (she's a U.S. citizen).

Switching to the U.S., but sticking with Josephina Vidal, she made this 
trenchant observation at the Cuban Five solidarity conference in Toronto: twice 
in recent years, when the Republicans were in control of Congress, the Congress 
(both houses) passed a repeal of the travel ban to Cuba, but then, almost like 
magic, that portion of a larger bill vanished when the bill went to conference 
committee to resolve "differences" (which in the area of the travel ban did not 
exist) between the House and Senate bills (see, for example, 
http://lefti.blogspot.com/2003_11_01_archive.html#106873836604628170). The 
Democrats claimed at the time that this was the doing of the Republican 
leadership, who control the conference committees, and that this would change 
once they were in the leadership. And, as she pointed out, they HAVE changed. 
Since the Democrats have been in power, THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BROUGHT THE TRAVEL BAN 
UP FOR A VOTE (even though with fewer Democrats in Congress they had enough 
votes to pass the repeal!)!

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