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Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 20:08:07 MST 2007

Louis P: "The issue is rather figuring out whether Mugabe should
be seen in the same light as Hugo Chavez, who is also attacked in the
bourgeois press all the time."

This is absurd. No reader of the press of the PSL (or pretty much any other left 
publication) would have the impression that they view Mugabe "in the same light 
as Hugo Chavez." Just for a quantitative measure, a visit to pslweb.org shows 
exactly ONE (http://www.pslweb.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Africa#zimbabwe) 
articles on the subject of Zimbabwe, vs. 25 on the subject of Venezuela 
(http://www.pslweb.org/site/PageServer?pagename=LatinAmerica#venezuela). Yeah, 
pretty much "the same light."

Louis P: "The Party for Socialism and Liberation has
a Marcyite/Manichean worldview in which the forces of light are in a
battle with the forces of darkness... I find this kind of binary logic useless
although you, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Workers World
Party, Stephen Gowans are welcome to it."

Binary logic? Yes...and no. Obviously there are shades of dark and shades of 
light. On the "dark" side, there are imperialist countries which are free to 
ignore the entire world, invade and blockade countries all by themselves, and so 
on, then there are imperialist countries like, say, Canada, who can only serve 
as adjuncts in that regard. On the other side, there is Cuba, and there 
is...everyone else. No, just kidding, but there are obviously a very wide range 
of kinds of oppressed countries (Afghanistan under the Taliban, say, or 
Venezuela under Chavez, or everything in between). But when it comes to 
imperialist aggression, then we return to a binary state. Either you are opposed 
to imperialism, and DO oppose it (like actually writing an article describing 
the effects of the imperialist aggression on the people of Zimbabwe and try to 
get the people of your imperialist country to oppose that aggression), or you 
don't (or worse, even support it).

Louis P: "Have you heard that the ISO is digging a tunnel from Miami underneath
the ocean floor into Cuba to smuggle weapons to the counter-revolution?"

Gosh that was funny. No, the ISO at least writes against the blockade of Cuba. 
It's Zimbabwe where they are actually calling for (at least, that's the way I 
read the articles I cited) SUPPORT for the imperialist-imposed sanctions.

Of course, the primary weapon of the counter-revolution in Cuba, such as it is, 
is the political support it obtains in Washington; one of the things which 
UNDERMINES the counter-revolution is the support that the people of Cuba get 
from people in the imperialist countries. A concrete action like the Pastors for 
Peace Caravans, for example, strengthens the resolve of the Cuban people by 
showing them solidarity, both figurative and literal. A quick search of the 
pages of Socialist Worker finds not a SINGLE reference to Cuba caravans.

No tunnels or smuggling necessary.

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