[Marxism] "Anti-Communist" cooties

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 20:40:59 MST 2007

Joaquin writes about the ISO: "Unlike some (a few) comrades
who were taken in by the Landy statement against Cuba, they saw right
through it."

Louis linked on an earlier thread to the article in which they discuss the subject:

There may well be other evidence, but based on that article, describing the ISO 
as "seeing right through" the Landy statement is a stretch, to put it mildly. As 
an interested reader, I'm unable at this date to read the article and discern a 
clear stance one way or the other. There certainly is no flat out rejection or 
endorsement of EITHER of the two letters in that article. Certainly one can draw 
inferences, as I wrote earlier, but "seeing right through"? Hardly.

In August, 2003, Cuban Five political prison Rene Gonzalez wrote a stirring 
response to that letter, addressed to Joanne Landy, mentioned in my blog here:
Workers World reprinted much of the letter here:

Fidel Castro also wrote a length piece at the time (not in direct response to 
the Landy letter but indirectly in response to the whole event), which is here:

Neither of those two important documents was, or ever has been, mentioned by the 
ISO. In addition, I note that the article in SW which addresses the question 
poses the issue as a "crackdown on dissidents."

I think I may have to take back what I said. Calling that "seeing right through" 
the Landy statement isn't just a stretch, it's nonsense.

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