[Marxism] Debate in Australia over socialists electorally supporting Greens or socialists

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Fri Nov 23 00:22:49 MST 2007

How the Greens run the Greens isn't my concern. How the left outside
the Greens, esp the Socialist Alliance, engages with the Greens is. I
think the SA has the correct approach on that point: always seeking
avenues for cooperation and partnering while asserting an ideological
challenge which is avowedly socialist AND, perhaps more to the point
in many ways, dedicated to a struggle (oftentimes a class struggle)
extra parliamentary perspective..

IF a significant section of the Australian organised working class
here on in makes a massive b-line for the Greens and tries to merge
its political interests absolutley with Bob Brown's et al ... then I
admit, that is a shift of some substance as it would by pass the
ability of the present socialist left to counterpose another option --
even with an exercise like the SA functioning  in primordial form.

But I don't see that happening. It could of course. What I am seeing
is a significant qualitative turning away from the ALP as the only
class alignment  option. Laborism is failing under Rudd to contain
the labor movement (although given the anti-Work Choices campaign, it
can certainly still discipline and shape it). and that failure is
being registered primarily in the union support for the Greens BUT
ALSO in the support being offered  the Socialist Alliance.

Thats' the core public phenomenon I think: a crack and leakage.

Of course there's a  lot of grandstanding involved as it presumes that
there's no bluff and bluster in play  and that if Labor would only do
better by the trade unions they'd forgive and forget. Is this simply
fallout from the last ALP federal conference or does it reflect a much
deeper disillusionment?

Then there is the problem of how the trade unions here are embedded
vis a vis this imperialist state and ye hoary ole question of the
'aristocracy of labour'. So it's not just a question of changing
parliamentary horses -- significant as it may be. There has to be a
conscious class --and class struggle --shift.

Let's see what that pans out over the next four years with Labor in
government in all states and federally but WITHOUT a corporatist
Accord consensus to contain the class struggle....

I've booked my front row seat. Wouldn't miss it for quids!

dave riley


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