[Marxism] Another break from Democrats, another Green candidacy

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Nov 23 04:15:20 MST 2007

Steffie Brooks:
It is also too soon, I think, to call the rupture in the Green Party a
state of permanent factionalism. For one thing, the issue that divided
the two sides (whether the DP should win in 2004) is not operable
since a) the DP is pretty much a shoo-in in 2008; and b) GP members
are no different than Sheehan supporters and others who are so fed up
and disgusted with the DP that they want to punish them hard in the

I am sure that I overestimated what Steffie said to me, partly because I was
inclined to see the differences as deeper.  The issue that divided the GP in
2004 according to Steffie (whether the Democrats should win), was not the
real issue.  You cannot find any statement from Nader that the Democrats
shouldn't win. On the contrary, he often suggested that they could win by
adopting aspects of his politics.  The issue was whether the Green Party
campaign should front for the Democrats.  Rally votes for them in the name
of "independent politics." Seek votes primarily in states where the
Democrats were secure, or the Republicans were a shoo-in, and campaign in a
way that would get out the vote for Kerry in the seriously contested states.
As opposed to Nader's position that people should vote for what they want,
not for what they are sure to get.

The position of favoring an independent candidate only if the Democrat is a
shoo-in will not do, and does not resolve the factional dispute.  I
guarantee you that the ruling class will organize the media coverage, if the
candidate is Clinton, to convince people that the race is getting close and
that Clinton could be defeated if anyone violates two-party discipline.
This will be simply their version of getting out the lesser-evil vote for
Clinton, who is their preferred candidate.

If Edwards or Obama or someone who has made antiwar positions their stock in
trade gets the nomination, there will be a succession of anti-Edwards and
Obama scandals and gaffes.  Obama says not every Iranian should be killed.
Gaffe! Edwards says we should talk to the Iraqi terrorists! Gaffe! If anyone
but Hilary is nominated by the Democrats, the election actually will become
very close. No shoo-in.

Personally, I strongly think the faction supporting McKinney doesn't read
her right, doesn't quite get how deep her popular and incipiently
revolutionary politics are, including her non-sectarian Black nationalism.
Anyway, that is how I read her -- as a real voice of the Black working
masses who are deeply nationalist, but can't buy the crackpots.
Fred Feldman

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