[Marxism] Water in Atlanta

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 23 07:28:05 MST 2007

(Just received from my old friend Richard Greener, a long-time resident 
of Atlanta)

Atlanta's well known, libertarian, right-wing talk show host Neal Boortz 
has taken a position on the water problem (you remember, we are supposed 
to RUN OUT of water the first week in February?). Boortz says that if 
RUNNING OUT of water really means there is NONE left (not a tiny little 
bit, but ZERO) then any human beings left behind AFTER the water is gone 
will die and die rather quickly since people cannot last much longer 
than 2-3 days without ANY water. If thousands - perhaps, hundreds of 
thousands, and maybe MILLIONS - of Georgians will die, why hasn't our 
Governor, Sonny Pudue sent the remains of the Georgia National Guard and 
State Police units to man the Buford Dam with orders to shoot anyone 
trying to open the dam to send water to Alabama and Florida? If you 
hadn't heard: the Army Corps of Engineers sends 3 BILLION gallons daily 
from here to these neighboring states. The old men of the Corps (for 
reasons unexplained) wear combat uniforms everyday, but they have no 
weapons. The Georgia Guard and State cops have plenty of guns! Why 
hasn't the Gov. stopped the Corps? Interesting question - IF YOU BELIEVE 
WATER IS ACTUALLY RUNNING OUT. Boortz says since no effort is being made 
to save the water we still have, that MUST MEAN the threat of water 
running dry is a HOAX! Think about it.

For those wondering what we are doing to plan for our own "Escape from a 
DRY Atlanta," and for those who find it hard to understand why we have 
done no planning thus far..... we do have a canary in the mine! The city 
of Athens, Georgia is scheduled to RUN OUT WATER before Christmas. 
Athens is about 65 miles east of Atlanta, a city of more than 100,000 
population plus the home of the University of Georgia, a huge 
institution with some 30,000 plus students and all the expensive 
infrastructure that goes with a major university.

These people - about 150,000 - will die of thirst more than a month 
before we in Atlanta run DRY.

Need I say, there are a growing number of those who claim nobody will go 
thirsty and no one will run OUT OF WATER. We'll see.

Merry Christmas!

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