[Marxism] Another break from Democrats, another Green candidacy

Erik Carlos Toren ectoren at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 23 17:06:04 MST 2007

Based on my reding from different GP email groups, the first step is to 
convince the Nader-ites to support a McKinney presidential ticket. From what 
I read, they are comparing her to Cobb and Medea Benjamin, i.e., Democrat 
Greens. After that, the bulk is to get the Greens in the ballots in all 50 

por el socialismo,

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From: "David McDonald" <dbmcdonald at comcast.net>
> People should get themselves into this campaign at the earliest possible
> moment. Several collaborators and I recently (November 10) organized a
> meeting of 200 for McKinney at Seattle's New Hope Baptist Church, [...]
> Our next move is to consider who ought to be invited to the Big Table to
> form the core of a campaign committee. We hope to have a powerful,
> diverse group that includes but at the same time looks basically nothing
> like the current Green Party. Not all, but a large number of influential
> Greens looks forward to this.

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