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> These groups that measure the prospects of the Left 
> in terms fo their own immediate organizational well-being 
> tend to veer off at a certain point, as the management 
> of the group strives to keep control of the situation.  

  That reminds me of some explanations by that old bolshevik Leo Trotsky 
in his contributions on the fight against fascism in Germany, where he 
criticized -- I can't remember whom -- either the CP or the centrist SAP 
for claiming that they proclaim to put the interest of the class above 
the interests of their party. Well, when there is a difference of 
interests, then this party should dissolve. The communists have no 
separate interests from those of the movement of the working class in 
general, they differ just in having a deeper understanding of the 
general movement. Really worth reading again all that stuff, it is not 
only relevant for a situation where there is an immediate danger of a 
fascist crack-down, but also for now. 

> I don't mean that they're necessarily making a big 
> to take over the wider movement, but they are terrified 
> that the future of the group itself might be driven 
> by political considerations they no longer control.

  This brings me to what I had written earlier, at the beginning of this 
discussion about the split in RESPECT, and what may have been 

  Either one thinks such a newly emerging party like RESPECT is the 
right thing, then one should dissolve in its favor, or one respects 
those peoples efforts, and stays outside. But unprincipled maneuvres is 
something I don't like at all. 

  When here in Germany, in 2004 a number of social-democratic trade 
union officials banded together to form a more left electoral platform 
than the existing SPD they had been members of, nearly all far-left 
groups in Germany jumped into that formation and tried to manipulate it 
as their instrument. I don't like that. Either it's my party, or I 
approach that new movement with respect, looking for collaboration, but 
as an independent force which is not trying to interfere into what those 
other people try to do, and bend that in my favor. Otherwise it is bound 
to break up again, sooner or later, as happened with RESPECT in one way, 
and what happened with the WASG in Germany which merged with the PDS 
with their more or less secret desires to become government ministers in 
a SPD/"Die Linke" coalition government. 

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