[Marxism] NYT: Australia's Prime Minister Defeated After Four Terms

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 24 17:47:58 MST 2007

From: "Stuart Munckton" 
> Doesn't really remain to be seen, the answer has
> been shown to be "no" repeatedly.

Actually, I think it is likely that they will
substantially keep their promises. After all, very few
of them were the kind of promises *we* would want them
to keep!

I'm afraid Nestor's original question betrayed an
unfamiliarity with how social democrats in Imperialist
states actually work. They don't promise reforms any
more, but rather to not be as bad as the alternative.

The key test will be around industrial relations,
where Rudd has promised a partial reversal of the
Coalition's laws, but where his support base wants a
complete reversal. That's really the only issue where
he faces a serious risk of being caught between
working class and ruling class expectations. Since the
bulk of the Union leadership will tend to cover for
him, he should be able to deliver the sellout he

Yes, he promised a sellout. He will (try to) keep his
promise. Count on it.

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