[Marxism] NYTimes.com: Under Siege, Life in Gaza Just Shrinks

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Yes, Gazans are suffering, admits the NY Times, but this article never mentions Israel's 1- refusal to recognize the results of the Hamas victory in the democratic election of January '06, 2- cuting off revenue that it is legally obligated to hand over to the Gazan government, 3- kidnapping of 1/3 of the Gazan Parliament, 4- destruction of Gaza's civilian infrastructure - an internationally recognized war crime, 5- arming of Fatah to provoke a Palestinian civil war, 6- seeking to starve Gazans by cutting them off from the rest of the world by its control of air, sea and land crossings, 7- collective punishment for 2 Israeli deaths from primitive rockets while hundreds of Palestinians have been killed by the Israel military, the same type of collective punishment that "civilized" types like the NY Times denounced when committed by the Nazis in WW 2.

WEEK IN REVIEW | November 18, 2007
The World: Under Siege, Life in Gaza Just Shrinks
Isolated and more religious, people try, as they must, to go on with the everyday epics of ordinary life.



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