[Marxism] Football rivalry

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Sun Nov 25 09:50:35 MST 2007

As usually happens at the flashpoints in these kinds of social conflicts, none of the generalizations seem to apply neatly.  A lot of the "Kansas Jayhawkers" were actually people from Missourians trying to get out from under the slaveholding system there.  Some had  been driven out and were using the opportunity to go back and take some revenge.  

And many of Missourian's "Border Ruffians" were not what they seemed either.  The James boys' commander, William C. Quantrill was an Ohio schoolmaster who started his career by going into Missouri and stealing horses to sell in Kansas, then being a protector of Missouri from incursions by Kansas "hoss thieves."

What you have is a mid-nineteenth century handicrafted total war with no real division between soldiers and civilians--a conflict shaped bymassacres, forced removals, reprisals, and the rise of what amounted to localized warlords, staking a virtually personalized claim to largely depopulated areas where the woods were reclaiming land recently farmed.  

Something like a Thirty Years' War with six guns.  Or Mad Max in a cowboy hat.


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