[Marxism] Colombia and Venezuela

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 06:44:58 MST 2007

There is a complex attack on Chavez and Chavism going on.

a) the Colombian issue, which is most probably, JUST AS ANTHONY
GUESSES, a fabricated plot but also a reasonable reaction from (1)
people and sectors in Colombia who are absolutely UNinterested in
coming to any kind of reasonable terms with their insurgence, (2)
Uribe himself who, no matter what one can say, IS the acting head of
the Colombian executive and is quite scared that any influence by
Chávez on the Colombian military might shift the balance of power
WITHIN the Colombian military, leave the oligarchic classes and groups
with no land under their feet and, at best, proclaim themselves
neutral in the social conflict in Colombia. This, and a rebellion
against USAmerica, is in Colombia more or less the same thing

b) the Bolivian situation, which is turning more dramatic as the
consequences of the  "mild road" chosen by Morales and García Linera
begin to show up

c) the stranglehold grip of the Sao Paulo bourgeoisie on the Southern
Gas Pipeline, which not just -nor essentially, because tankers exist-
affects the Southern Cone and Argentina in particular, but also -and
this ESSENTIALLY- the non-Bandeirante areas of Brazil, where the
Pipeline would have acted as a propeller for regional welfare and
industrialization, thus strengthening the Bandeirante bourgeoisie
against the mass of the Brazilians.

This move is most important in that it sows the seeds of disruption
not in the name of DISRUPTION but in the name of a DIFFERENT HEGEMONIC
if a unified South, under the guidance of, say, a most powerful and
cunning Virginian élite, had found some way to win the Civil War even
before the first shot had been fired, by somehow strangleholding
energetic supplies to the North and NorthWest.

Behind this principle, of course, you can find not just the
Bandeirantes of Sao Paulo and allied states but also and basically
their partners and creditors in the First World. Just in the same way
that the hypothetic Virginian élite of our example would have had a
hard time to hide away British complacency with a similar move.

d) In this context, the more conservative and social-democrat traits
that the Kirchner administration will assume under Cristina is NOT a
minor issue, though Cristina will, I bet, keep all their alliances
with Venezuela.

2007/11/26, Anthony Boynton <northbogota at yahoo.com>:
> Things are blowing up between Colombia and Venezuela.
> Chavez issued a statement saying Uribe personally
> betrayed him, and that Uribe is a liar, and that
> colombia needs a new President.
> Uribe shot back in a statement that was staged to look
> spontaneous, but sounded like a scripted speech.

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