[Marxism] Cuba: the litmus test?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 28 11:27:32 MST 2007

You're welcome, but my comment was incomplete
and not intended to be sent out partially. As
of now, I'm not clear if I'll be here on the
20th. In very oversimplified terms, people
who are candidates for office these elections
in Cuba do not stand on a written platform 
and do not issue any literature. They don't
make demands or propose policies in their
position as candidates, and, though I don't
know, I don't imagine they do that in Cuban
election meetings. In Cuba, you are voting
for the person you feel is best qualified 
to decide on the issues which legislative
bodies take up. Opinions on alternative
policies questions aren't reflected in the
election campaigns. 

Perhaps more another time. The books about
these matters by Arnold August and Peter
Roman can be consulted, but they also don't
discuss this issue.

As a person from the U.S., I'll have to say
I can't imagine how one votes among alternate
candidates without a political opinion about
whatever might differentiate one from the

In LOCAL elections, there are, BY LAW, more
than one candidate. In the National Assembly
elections, you are only voting for or against
the one candidate. Or you could case a blank 
or spoiled ballot if you wanted to express a
different form of protest. The programmatic
content of such protest would be hard to
interpret, however,

Walter Lippmann

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>Walter, thank you for your brief comment on Cuban elections. If you are 
>going to be there in January, you can report, then, on the process as 
>you see it unfold, yes? I'm sure Joaquin B. is going to weigh in here on 
>this, something I look forward to.
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