[Marxism] Campaign for Constitutional Reform a dead heat in Venezuela?

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Wed Nov 28 20:27:17 MST 2007

More questions...Venazualanalysis.com has reported here:


...that the there appears to be only a small majority in favor the 
Reform, and, actually, only a plurality of the population at that. Being 
a Yankee from so far away I was a little shocked by the numbers from the 
various polls, one of which showed the reform losing. I would of thought 
the national mobilizations would of been more effective.

Now, we all know that polling in Venezuela is WORSE than it is in the US 
but it is very worrisome, nevertheless. What is behind the relatively 
low poll numbers in support of socializing the Constitution? Are these 
campaigns of misinformation  Micahel L. is reporting on.

What happens if the Reform fails?


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