[Marxism] 100, 000 progressive Australians provide the push to sink the Howard government

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Wed Nov 28 20:28:24 MST 2007

A couple of points for Bob:

1. I'm not in the habit of lying about Socialist Alliance numbers or
anything else. Your assertions to the contrary are just a bit puerile, I'd
suggest. I may think for example 100 people involved in Queensland
campaigning electorally for one of the sharpest and most radical Indigenous
leaders in Australia is a useful thing, you may have some credible arguments
to the contrary, but repeatedly chanting "liar liar pants on fire" isn't one
of them. 

2. Thanks for your concern about poor socialists who don't get asked to the
good parties, but I don't feel very isolated. I was asked to the ALP and
Greens election night parties, we were asked to have a stall at the Greens
fundraising gig and thanked from the stage for our work, and I went along to
the Northern Rivers Unionist Network party on Tuesday. At the latter it was
nice that Sally Mcmanus, state sec of the ASU, described NRUN as the
forerunner of the 50-odd Your Rights at Work groups in NSW, as it was me and
another SA member that proposed at the May 2005 NSW delegates meeting that
NRUN be set up as an body open to all to direct the campaign locally.

3. I'm genuinely interested in hearing what the ISO have been up to in
regards to the Greens. I'm sure the Greens are growing in many places but in
my area they're quite moribund - no activity, not even a stall as far as I
could tell, for this election, besides one gig and election day, let alone
any activity outside elections, a handful of people at meetings, one
solitary placard at a 300-strong Walk Against Warming, etc. I'd suggest
anyway the ISO's tactical orientation is quite limited unless they're able
to join as members, go to meetings, caucus, be open about their ISO
membership etc. You may pronounce this as sectarian, but I guess I'm less
inclined to take advice about building something from someone who's never
built anything. 

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