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Green Left Weekly #733 November 28, 2007
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UN report: Severe climate change may now be `inevitable'
Despite the fact that the November 24 federal election was supposed to
be a “climate-change election”, the release on November 17 of the fourth
and final report from the UN’s Intergovernental Panel on Climate Change
(IPCC) barely garnered manstream media attention.

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Howard's overboard - but the struggle continues
The Socialist Alliance "Howard Overboard" election night party in Green
Left Weekly's offices in Sydney spontaneously spilled into the streets
when John Howard conceded defeat. Jubilant activists celebrated with
chants, whistles and pots and pans in a lap around the block which drew
out people from their homes. A right-wing government that has plagued
Australia since 1996 has been defeated and we have much to celebrate.


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#Britain: Attempts to renew anti-war party
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#Cambodia: Khmer Rouge tribunal holds first public hearing
#Indonesian activists appeal for solidarity
#Pakistan: Resistance to military rule continues
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