[Marxism] 100, 000 progressive Australians provide the push to sink the Howard government

Steve Palmer spalmer999 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 07:52:13 MST 2007

Oh dear ...

We had this sort of stuff from the Social Workers Party in Britain back in 1997
who expected sharp clashes between the Blair government and a stronger, more
confident working class. Some "strategic perspective"! Ten years and

The strategic perspective doesn't change; the tactical conditions do, because
these sorts of governments are put in power to throw dust in workers' eyes -
apparently already effectively, viz. the offering below, which has got
completely suckered in by these people and is already trying to mute attempts
to  criticize this government. That's the REAL blind alley. Inside the
accusation of believing "worse is better" is the unspoken assumption that "same
is better" and that we should allow ourselves to be seduced because it wraps
itself in some "working class" packaging. So now the dust-throwing is
sub-contracted to elements of the left. "Don't rock the boat chaps, we don't
want the conservatives back ... "


--- Ozleft <Ozleft at optusnet.com.au> wrote:

> By Bob Gould
> My calculation is that on election day, on the booths, the Labor Party
> and trade unions mobilised its usual 50,000-60,000 nationally. The
> Greens mobilised perhaps 20,000-30,000 nationally. And probably
> nationally 20,000 or so were mobilised by YRAW, and some thousands by
> GetUp.
> It adds up to a mass movement of 100,000 people Australia-wide, the
> biggest electoral mobilisation in several generations, by the
> proverbial country mile.
> The conservatives didn't know what hit them, and were left scratching
> their heads, spluttering and grieving, as were the right-wing
> commentariat who dominate the newspapers. A lot of those people
> actually believe their own bullshit when they pontificate about their
> self-interested opinions coinciding with the national interest.
> The 100,000 who mobilised on the left side of Australian society had
> other ideas, which proved considerably more in tune with the mood of
> the population, and the Tories were swept from power electorally.
> The wall to wall Labor government in every state, territory and
> federally, with a significant Green component everywhere, with which
> the Tories tried to scare the population, is now the reality. That's
> why an increasing number of the political rodents are swimming away
> vigorously from their shipwreck, led by former deputy prime minister
> Peter Costello and former National Party leader Mark Vaile.
> It must be stressed that the enormous scale of the swing to Labor and
> the increase in the Greens vote, combined with the shattering defeat
> of the conservatives, is an enormous victory for the working class and
> the whole left side of society.
> This fact is considerably more important than the relatively
> right-wing nature of the Labor government that has been elected.
> There's a crazy streak of "the worse the better" underlying the
> political outlook of many isolated socialist groups.
> For instance, Tom O'Lincoln ends a contribution on Marxmail the day
> after the defeat of the Tories with: "It was delightful watching the
> conservatives crash and burn last night, but today we have a new set
> of conservatives in power." There's an element of truth in that, but
> the strategic outlook, or more correctly the lack of one, that it so
> succinctly captures, is an absolute blind alley for any perspective of
> mobilising the working class and the progressive side of society in
> the struggles to come.sive side of society in the struggles to come.
> Full article: http://www.gouldsbooks.com.au/ozleft/election2007.html
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