[Marxism] Ultraleft counter-revolutionaries in Venezuela

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 21:05:52 MST 2007

Louis writes (in the blog post referred to on this list): "If you read the
Socialist Workers newspaper, as I do, you will be familiar by now with their
split personality. They are a source of excellent analysis and information
on the class struggle in the US but when it comes to Cuba and Venezuela they
are–how should I put it–full of shit. For them, Cuba occupies the same place
as Dante’s Inferno while Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela is a purgatory that will be
rescued by the likes of Orlando Chirino. But maybe not Chirino himself since
the ISO still has a shred of good sense to support the constitutional
reforms even if it is only grudgingly."

I think Louis's analysis of the ISO's politics is very superficial. They may
be relatively non-sectarian among the self-styled  Leninists (poor Lenin!)
on domestic U.S. politics, but they bring to their work here the very same
workerism and lack of understanding of the national question and its
relation to the overall struggle against capitalism as they display in
Venezuela. And it is the same thing as we see in the British SWP in relation
to Respect.


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