[Marxism] Bill Clinton, Anti-War?

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Thu Nov 29 21:22:06 MST 2007

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NY Times, Washington Post let Bill  Clinton's dishonesty slide
(http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=3222) > 
from Democracy Now - 
Former President Bill Clinton is under scrutiny for claiming he opposed the  
Iraq war “from the beginning.” Clinton made the claim Tuesday while 
campaigning  for his wife Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa. But a look at Clinton’
s  public statements from 2002-on reveal he never unequivocally opposed the 
war and  at times voiced nuanced approval. In March 2003, Clinton criticized 
France for  opposing the invasion and defended British Prime Minister Tony Blair 
for taking  part. Meanwhile a former senior administration official is now 
claiming White  House officials personally briefed Clinton in the lead-up to war 
and that  Clinton voiced his support. The official, Hillary Mann Leverett is 
the former  White House director of Persian Gulf affairs. She says she was “
shocked” and  “astonished” at Clinton’s claim to oppose the war. Leverett says 
former  administration official Elliot Abrams emerged from one pre-war 
meeting “glowing”  after Clinton promised he would publicly support an Iraq  

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