[Marxism] CIA operation "Pliers"???

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Fri Nov 30 09:06:43 MST 2007

Amy Goodman interviewed James Petras this morning on Democracy Now.  
It was a decent interview, covering all the issues concerning the  
referendum vote on Sunday. When asked about the veracity of the  
internal memo, Petras brushed off the question, saying something to  
the effect that of course the CIA would deny that the memo was  
authentic, that's part of their M.O. Amy let it slide and did not  
pressure him for a real answer. He also said he got the memo off the  
"Venezuela government website", presumably venezuelanalysis.com.  
Petras also bemoaned the libertarian-like attitude of the government,  
saying any other regime would have deported the US embassy employee  
in question and jailed likely suspects. Of course they're under  
surveillance. Amy also showed video from the huge opposition rally on  
wednesday, which she reported as numbering in the "tens of  
thousands", as opposed to the venezuelaanalysis article, which said  
several hundred thousand attended.


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