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I would frame a theoretical question on what happened in the BANLIEUE in the following way:  was it an insurrection or a riot?

In favor of an insurrection, I would point to the fact that a police station and a dozen or so cop cars were burned the first night (along with a library & day care center), the second night saw a number of attacks on the cops with shotguns and hunting rifles by small bands with scouts and mobility.  Over 120 cops were injured.

Even l'Humanite admitted that the youth on the street, both male & female, had some basis for considering the cops as an "army of occupation," even tho that charge, according to the article, wasn't accurate

I have looked hard in the French press for any accusation that the youth in Villiers-le-bel were acting under the influence of AQ.  Haven't found any, which is not proof that they don't exist.  But I will trade the statements of the PCF, LCR and LO for such a quote.  These statements, to speak broadly, offer support for the youth over the grievances they have -- education, jobs, public services -- but call for calm and express regret over the "destruction."

Even the Treasury workers of the CGT, who have an office in the quartier, express their disapproval.


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