[Marxism] 100, 000 progressive Australians provide the push to sink the Howard government

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 19:49:16 MST 2007

From: "Ed Lewis"
> The desperate tone of Nick Fredman, Dave Riley and
> Norm Dixon writing on the Australian elections
> sounds a bit like one side of a conversation. How
> about letting us hear the other side, Nick, Dave and
> Norm? What does the DSP minority have to say?

You know, Ed, you never post anything that isn't an
exercise in trolling, these days.

Clearly if "the DSP minority" have anything to say
they should say it, but frankly I don't see why they
would bother feeding trolls like you.

The "letting us hear the other side" bit is
particularly sleazy. It implies either that "the DSP
minority" is being silenced by "the DSP majority", or
that supporters of the DSP majority are somehow
obliged to speak on the minority's behalf.

I think it is obvious why "go fuck yourself" is the
first answer that comes to mind.

Incidentally, very few Greens engage in the kind of
sectarian performing seal behaviour you induge in.
Perhaps you should think about that.

Alan Bradley

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