[Marxism] Bullet: The CAW and Panic Bargaining

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin .... No. 105 .... May 6, 2008

The CAW and Panic Bargaining:
Early Opening at the Big Three

Sam Gindin

In the face of a deteriorating economic climate and concerns about the
'investment competitiveness' of Canadian plants, the CAW leadership made a
startling move this spring. It had an air of panic about it: the leadership
quietly asked the Big Three -- GM, Ford and Chrysler -- to open their
collective agreements early, offering a new 'pragmatic' settlement. Ford
'bit' and bargaining was over before anyone, including the Ford workers,
had a whiff that anything was going on. The tentative agreement was
announced to the press on April 28 -- almost five months before the
agreement was to expire, three months before bargaining was set to open
and, most notably, two months before the CAW Collective Bargaining
Conference, where elected delegates gather to discuss and debate the
unions' bargaining priorities. That summer conference, set for every third
year, addresses the union as a whole, but is generally dominated by the
fall's auto negotiations.

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