[Marxism] Left Party Parliamentarian For War in Burma

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Fri May 16 01:59:19 MDT 2008

Angelus Novus wrote:

> Shane Mage:
> > The agreement is not so full, since the "Office for 
> > the Protection of the Constitution" disagrees so 
> > vehemently.
> Oh give me a fucking break.  The "Office for the
> Protection of the Constitution" also thinks every
> teenage Antifa wearing an expensive Carhartt
> windbreaker is a potential threat to democracy and
> capitalism.  The Verfassungschutz has been monitoring
> the PDS for years, as well as every other group
> slightly to the left of the official social democracy.
> The only reason this is a news story now is because
> Die Linke is starting to make a good show in elections
> in the West, and there is something unseemly about
> such a respectable mainstream political party still
> being subject to the same observation that every other
> left group is.


There was an interesting spin related to the publication in Bild on Wednesday. It is obvious the report was intentionally leaked to them a few days before its official release.

In my eyes this leakage and the focus given to the alleged extremist infiltration of the Left Party is intended to influence the discussion inside the party itself. Actually the party establishment who wants to get rid of all those leftist elements, but since it cannot win a democratic debate it has to resort to a trumped up debated about "Stalinism" (This is why Cuba comes into here, btw). So the report on one hand was intended to push the position of the party leadership in reespect to the more critical voices. 

On the other hand it is intended to boost those outside the Left Party who want to colaborate with the Left in a future government, but only with a Left Party that has cut all links with any kind of opposition.

The background of all this is that the Left Party might be needed in government, if the current anti-capitalist feeling in wide parts of the population continues to rise (Eg. last week the German President Köhler, a Christian Democrat, called the actors in international money markets monsters).

So that spooks' report is in fact not a sign how extremist the Left Party is, but just the opposite: that is considered a potential part of a government of the imperialist German state.


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