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> http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2007/06/29/rachel_carson/print.html
> Rachel Carson's birthday bashing
> The right has revved up its claim that the environmental pioneer who
> criticized DDT was responsible for the spread of malaria that killed
> millions. The facts say otherwise.
> By Kirsten Weir

From: <http://www.salon.com/tech/htww/?last_story=/tech/htww/2008/05/15/steve_milloy_and_rachel_carson/>

"But I did not know until reading John Quiggin and Tim Lambert's
enlightening story in the British Prospect (thanks to The New
Republic's Energy and Environment blog for the tip) how exactly the
assault on Carson ever got started.

    By 1990, it seemed that the public health issues surrounding DDT
had been largely resolved. In developed countries, DDT had been
replaced by less environmentally damaging alternatives. But soon the
situation changed radically. The tobacco industry, faced with the
prospect of bans on smoking in public places, sought to cast doubt on
the science behind the mooted ban. But a campaign focused on tobacco
alone was doomed to failure. So the industry tried a different tack,
an across-the-board attack on what it called "junk science." Its
primary vehicle was the Advancement of Sound Science Coalition
(TASSC), a body set up by PR firm APCO in the early 1990s and secretly
funded by Philip Morris.

    TASSC, led by an activist named Steve Milloy, attacked the
environmental movement on everything from food safety to the risks of
asbestos. One of the issues Milloy took up with vigor was DDT, where
he teamed up with the entomologist J. Gordon Edwards. With the aid of
Milloy's advocacy, Edwards's attacks on Rachel Carson moved from the
political fringes to become part of the orthodoxy of mainstream US

From: <http://www.salon.com/tech/htww/?last_story=/tech/htww/2008/05/15/steve_milloy_and_rachel_carson/>

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