[Marxism] an article on the Maoist victory in Nepal and the road ahead

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Tue May 20 21:54:19 MDT 2008

With many apologies for self-promotion, a recent article of mine on the
Maoist victory in the Nepal elections and the road ahead appears on the
Socialist Unity Blog. Marxmailers might find the last section 'The road
ahead' of some interest.

A quote from the paper:
"But both the domestic and international conjuncture makes this at least a
possibility, with many ifs and buts, but still a possibility. The
CPN-Maoists emphatic victory in the elections and the fact that the PLA has
not been demobilised makes it plausible that the land reform agenda will be
fulfilled. Given the rise to dominance of the urban bourgeoisie in India, it
is unlikely to object to land-reforms [21]. Indeed today, in the abstract
even the World Bank will support land-reforms as being a necessary part of a
transition to a successful capitalist economy. And the fact that both China
and India are rapidly growing economies could actually provide Nepal's
fledgling urban bourgeoisie both the economic (in terms of access to growing
markets) and the strategic space within which to chart a relatively
autonomous path (and I guess the operational word here is 'relatively')."

The complete article is available at

Comments will of course be greatly appreciated.
Mritiunjoy Mohanty

Mritiunjoy Mohanty

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