[Marxism] SACP on xenophobic attacks

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Fri May 23 04:45:47 MDT 2008

This does not absolve the ANC-SACP for their adoption of TINA and decision to 
the door on any alternatives to the Washington consensus. Further, the 
history of the
ANC-SACP supports David Harvey's observation that the Washington consensus is 

not in most cases imposed from without by Washington, but embraced by local 
who actively use the Washington consensus as justification in the pursuit of 
their own 
class agendas.


I don't for one second suggest that it does. If you look elsewhere at what I 
wrote you will see that.

'When the ANC came to power, doing so having given guarantees to preserve the 
economic status quo and leave the levers of the economy in the hands of the 
nation's white elite, not only blacks in South Africa, but liberals and, going 
by some of the contributions to this thread, socialists were also beguiled 
into believing that the ending of political apartheid ushered in a new day for 
South Africa.'

And, of course, local elites, bought off, play a key role. However, for a 
continent emerging from the devastating impact of colonialism with their natural 
development retarded, their societies dislocated and economies ravaged, there 
was little option but to supplicate themselves at the door of the Washington 
Consensus in order to attract aid, loans and stimulate economic activity. This 
process became even more pronounced with the collapse of the SU in 1991. 

The ANC, an avowed national liberation movement, was faced with the choice of 
continuing down the revolutionary path once in power and expropriating the 
white elite, in the process setting its face against the West, or accommodating 
itself to neoliberalism. Alas, as with Sinn Fein in Ireland, the ANC chose the 
latter course, which has done nothing except allow the rise of a small black 
middle class.


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