[Marxism] marxist critique of polanyi?

alistair zaldua alistairz at yahoo.com
Fri May 23 16:27:41 MDT 2008

>   In any event, it is refreshing to finally see some real
> intellectual engagement on this
>   woebegone maillist, rather than turgid recitation of the
> CPUSA position on "emerging market
>   countries." I wouldn't mind one bit if Louis
> consigned the likes of Feldman, Lippman, et al to
>   the proverbial dustbin.

That's not very fair, depite my being new to the list, I for one  would(underlined) 
mind if posters on here were 
consigned to symbolic dustbins, despite some  
argumental flaws, I have really appreciated W.Lippman's contributions
on Cuba, where else can I find info from the inside batched together like this ? 


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