[Marxism] China orders richer cities to help quake-ravaged communities

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 25 16:21:09 MDT 2008

>Are you just looking for excuses to unsubscribe people now? Are you
>trying to reassert that you won't be influenced by those who think that
>your moderation is less than perfect? I don't understand it.

Jeffrey, I am sorry that you don't understand it, but this list does 
not exist as a passive receptacle for links to highly controversial 
blog articles that the blogger has no interest in defending here. I 
understand that the Internet is seen as a free speech bastion, but 
Marxmail has certain basic parameters that I have tried to explain in 
the past. The list was created to foster debate. It is not a 
news-oriented mailing list like Greenleft, the A-List, etc. I am 
especially concerned about links to articles promoting radical Islam 
and the policies of the Chinese government because I consider them a 
challenge to the fundamentals of Marxism.  

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