[Marxism] Gender-Race Interactions (in the Obama/Clinton constellation)

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Tue May 27 10:07:29 MDT 2008

Mark Lause wrote:
> Well, I may have only given it two sentences, that's two more than
> almost a thousand other readers.  So, doesn't that raise questions?.

It sure does, though not about the quality of Rosa's mail.

> What was posted may be rarely discussed on this list, but it was
> actually pretty standard, definition-chasing, image-preoccupied
> academic navel contemplation...  And it's rarely actually discussed
> there, because assertions about impressions of other peoples' possible
> perceptions doesn't really give us much of a materialist basis for
> evaluating and discussing, right?

Almost any political commentary on the list is just impressions of other
people's possible perceptions, e.g. when the imperialist media writes
about Venezuela, Iran etc.. and people take that on, and it's good that
they do. It's good that attention is called to how the media writes
about Cuba, whether it's "Castro dictatorship jails more dissidents" or
"Cuban government reveals US funded spy ring".. and if you express
opinions on that, isn't it just your impressions on others' (the
media's) perceptions..?

Of course it doesn't make any sense unless you know what the real
relationship between US and Cuba (or any other country) is. But it seems
that whereas the relationship between imperialist USA ja socialist Cuba
(or some other poor country) doesn't need any elaboration (because
everybody is familiar with it), the gender stuff isn't really that
familiar. If it was, if more people had the gender stuff clear as
crystal in their heads and the relevant facts and factors at their
fingertips (like answers to many questions on imperialism and racism
seem to be), I'm sure more people would have been able to clarify where
Rosa was mistaken (if she was), and written in lenght about better ways
to approach the question - like many comrades on the list write about
questions on imperialism and racism.

I guess that just proves Rosa's point..

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